About Us

Option can be summed up in a single word- Quality. The substance of our efforts is to give the best to our client in our quest to achieve the best for him. At every level of the client’s interaction with the institute, our team has worked diligently to provide-

  • A platform built on a firm desire to provide the highest service standards, personalized customer care, contemporary and updated consultancy and meticulous attention to results.
  • A platform that achieved a spate of 700+ scores in every quarter of 2014!
  • A platform consistently endorsed by each of the students associated with it.

Option looks back on 2016 as yet another year of achievement- our trainers delivered passionately, our administration team strived to make the platform a worthy experience and our students reciprocated our efforts with exemplary results.

For 2017 Option has planned big things – new state-of –the-art premises in Knowledge Village, a bigger team of trainers and upgraded and very effective materials. The year is going to be packed with amazing training modules and services conceived with the objective of enhancing our already existing services.